Dipl.-Ing. Frank Buschenhenke, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Seefeld, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Vollertsen, Ing. Chengsong Cui, Dipl.-Phys. Alwin Schulz, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Hans-Werner Zoch



The elaboration process of the filler materials by compacting of some spraying materials is presented. These materials are used to weld the high resistant aluminum alloys. The samples have been made from the aluminum-silicon eutectic alloys with or without the alloying elements, in order to obtain a fine granulation. The filler materials had round section (1.2 mm in diameter), and they are obtained by cold rolling of the bars with 6 mm and 8 mm in diameter, and square section of
1.2 x 1.2 mm.
The obtained materials have been used in the laser beam welding experiments.