Dipl. Ing. Uwe Bergmann



In this paper, the term "remote"was taken over from english, in order to name an action (welding, control) to command the laser beam from distance, using the term "Remoteschweiben mit Laserstrahl". In this technological variant of the laser beam welding, the welding heat is located at high distance from the working piece. The laser beam is focused on the working piece using a rotation mirror with tow axis. The high focal distance of the system determines a major focus displacement in the working zone, corresponding to a minor displacement of the mirrow. Using the optical focussing system and a focal distance of 1,6 m, there is the possibility to process the working pieces having the next sizes: 1,5 m in width, 3,2 m in lenght and 0,7 m in height. The laser beam processing can be successfully used, especially for the plane pieces of high size, having many zones to be welded. This process is much more performant than the resistance multiple spot welding. In the modern welding technologies, as laser beam welding, using the new systems to clamp/to fix the pieces, more than tow hundred welds in a minute can be performed in one single piece. In this paper, a laser beam welding equipment with remote control, and many different practical applications of this process in the automotive industrie (autotraks, automobiles) are presented.