Joachim Schmidt



The paper presents the problems appeared in the repairing process of the zinc coated surfaces obtained by dip galvanizing. The surfaces repairing is necessary to eliminate the defects produced during the dip galvanizing, during the transport and/or during the assembling. There are presented, also, the problems concerning the choosing of the suitable protective coating, and the German and international standards specifications (DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO) referring to zinc protective layers used against the corrosion.
The damaged zones of the zinc coating on the steel surfaces can be repair by zinc thermal spraying, by bonding or by powder zinc materials deposition.
The paper takes into consideration the repairing costs, such as the materials costs used for the protective coating and the costs to prepare the damaged zones.
In the case of handling the materials used for zinc protective layers deposition, there are presented the problems concerning the labour protection. Some examples of the repairing processes are, also presented.