Radu Roşu



The paper presents the researches results regarding the obtaining of the hydroxyapatite biocompatible micro-layers by plasma jet thermal spraying and laser beam deposition, using microscopically analyses, X-ray diffraction and biocompatibility tests with simulated body fluids (SBF). There is also presented the way to realize a titanium-hydroxyapatite biocomposite by powder metallurgy method. The X-ray diffraction and the chemical analysis of the micro-layers deposited by plasma thermal spraying, show the microstructures composed by hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate. The results of the biocompatibility tests in simulated body fluids (SBF) evince the small mass loss (15 mg/year) after the four testing cycles (total 582 hours). So, it is considered that the analyzed samples have a high corrosion resistance in simulated body fluid (SBF).