Ing. Ştefan Dragomir, Ş Voicu Ioan Safta



The nuclear energy production will be double, beginning with the putting into service of the Unit 2 within the CNE Cernavodă. In this case, the production of the radioactive waste will be, also, double, in this field of activity. This situation makes necessary the acquisition of a double number of stainless steel containers for the radioactive waste storage. Taking into account the quality of the welded joints, the material and the energy saving, as well as the products reliability, the automatic WIG procedure, using the filler materials,  can be considered the optimum, in order to make these containers for radioactive waste storage.
The fabrication process of the stainless steels containers required the welding procedure approval and the welder’s authorization in accordance with ASME code specifications. This paper presents the obtained results, concerning the welding equipment, the base materials and the filler materials, the welding parameters, the welded joints testing, etc.