Text Box: The polarity influence on the way of penetration at TIG welding

Schwei▀faching. Robert Killing, Heinz Lorenz


If we weld TIG, in the similar conditions with those of submerged arc welding or MIG welding, then, concerning the penetration, TIG procedure cannot be distinguished from the two procedures mentioned above, because also within this procedure, the influence of bonding the electrode at the positive pole is greater than bonding at the negative pole.

The different behaviour concerning the penetration, presented in the technical literature, is based on the fact that the welds were not made in similar conditions. The wolfram electrodes bonded at the positive pole must not be sharpened, but they must be thicker than the electrodes bonded at the negative pole, because they, practically, cannot be loaded much.

In this situation, the conditions of penetrations, presented in figure 2, appear.

The results must be interpreted, that is why, and the agents that influence the penetration are the electrode shape and/or the welding current intensity and not the used polarity.

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